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Who? What? Where? When?

We are trying to index diverse records that might contain information about your ancestors that you cannot find in sources currently available. This is to help you get over those irritating genealogical brick walls!

We index births, marriages, deaths, prisons, court records and much more to help you find those elusive ancestors. We also like to index records that add depth to your knowledge of your ancestors; prison records for example!

Our indexes focus on the South of Scotland, particularly the counties of Roxburghshire, Berwickshire, Selkirkshire, Peeblesshire, Dumfriesshire, Wigtownshire and the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

As civil registration began in Scotland in 1855 many of our records focus on pre-1855 records but some continue after that year.

Online Paternity Case Search

We have now made available an online searchable database for paternity cases in Sheriff Courts in the south of Scotland.

1830-1914 - Dumfries
1831-1892 - Jedburgh
1830-1851 - Duns
1837-1914 - Peebles
1830-1906 - Selkirk

Total so far: 3,640 entries. More records coming soon!

Online Parish Register Search

We have now made available an online searchable database of all the parish registers.

The records we have indexed are not part of the Church of Scotland Old Parish Registers (or OPRs) as found on the Scotland's People site, and therefore contain many records of births, marriages and deaths which are not to be found anywhere else.

Births/Baptisms (5,613 entries).

Marriages/Banns (1,175 entries).

Deaths/Burials (2,583 entries).

Online Prison Record Search

We have made available an online searchable database for all the prison registers we have indexed so far:

Dumfries 1841-1846
Greenlaw 1840-1862
Jedburgh 1843-1869
Kelso 1844-1862
Peebles 1848-1862
Selkirk 1828-1840, 1853-1878

13,780 entries

1841, 1851 & 1861 Census index

Our census database is fully available for free on our website. That is an index and full transcription.

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